Message from Itai Manyere

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Dear JCI Bangladesh Members and Honored Guests,

I am excited for the celebrations of JCI Bangladesh’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Program this year. At JCI, we place a lot of emphasis in the recognition of outstanding young people in our countries for exemplary service in our communities.

As we know, this year’s circumstances don’t allow me to be here with you all, but I am present in spirit. It is essential to remember what our JCI core values are, and these include making positive changes around us and around the globe, taking action, leading by example and not being passive bystanders.

The ten people you are honoring today are examples of why we are part of JCI in the first place, to be the change we want to see. As JCI leaders, it is your responsibility to transform today’s challenges into great opportunities in order to build a prosperous tomorrow for future generations.

Once again, thank you to the members of the JCI Bangladesh for running this important JCI Program and bringing their best quality of work to the front line.

Itai Manyere

2020 JCI President