Message from Amzad Hussain


Dear Members of JCI Bangladesh

I would like to congratulate and send you my warm greetings on organizing 2019 Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award. It is also remarkable that JCI Bangladesh continuing TOYP Award since 2013. This is the platform where all the great achievements of young people are recognized.

The impact that JCI Bangladesh have in their community is appreciable. JCI Bangladesh has been instrumental in uniting all sectors of the society. This TOYP Award is another example.

JCI Bangladesh has been a historic National Organisation. Over past years JCI Bangladesh has produced many great leaders and young active citizens.

Lastly I would like to congratulate all 2019 National President Irfan Islam and all 2019 Officers for the role model leadership to lead JCI Bangladesh in this year. I also send my warm greetings to each member of the TOYP organizing committee for their hard work and valiant effort.

Developing Leaders for a Changing World!

Amzad Hussain

2019 Executive Vice President
(Asia & Asia Pacific)