Message from Arpit Hathi


Dear JCI Bangladesh Members,

It’s a matter of great pride and honour to know that JCI Bangladesh like every year is coming up with 2019 TOYP JCI Bangladesh event.

10 young Individuals who are going to be honored will be all coming from different walks of life and they must have achieved something or other in their life. Looking back to those individuals let us vouch to take one greatest quality from each one of them and let us try to implement in our life as that can bring significant transformation in our life because JCI also believes in accelerating transformation and this is the time and this is the opportunity were we all need to accelerate the transformation through the medium and platform of 2019 TOYP event.

Through this platform of 2019 TOYP event I request the Team of JCI Bangladesh to explore all opportunities of new recruitment of young and dynamic members and also explore the opportunities to start new Local organizations as that will certainly help in engaging youth to JCI and that will definitely help them to transform themselves into better Individuals

My best wishes to National President Irfan Islam and Team for the success of 2019 TOYP event of JCI Bangladesh.

With best regards

Arpit Hathi

2019 JCI VP Assigned to JCI Bangladesh