Sadequa Hasan Sejuti is the Managing Director of Amar Desh Amar Gram My country my village is the first project of its kind that takes computers and web access to the lowest income group and empowers them with a possibility that was not ever previously available to them before. This project is the real possibility of a Digital Bangladesh, where digital technology reaches out to the furthest corners of our country bringing change to countless lives. We have successfully created a system whereby the conditions that hold women back are the exact conditions which will help each and every woman possessing a desire to succeed earn a decent living, at the same time feel independent sitting at home and not even going to the local markets for business. The activities of this project shapes around the local environment and may vary from center to center, typical activities includes; access to local government, networking facilities, Local training, computer education for development, access to Country Web portal, supporting [-Commerce platform including packaging & Delivery of goods, rural directory services, tourism portal including online hotel booking, online education system for rural schools, Art and cultural archives and for rural news online. FSB recruits employees for the e-centre by training local school students and women. The company creates direct employment opportunities; it also serves as a key factor in local web hosting and web content management efficient & hassle free. My Country My Village with the purpose of up-streaming consumer products such as fresh produces handicrafts and also facilitating local IT infrastructure. This infrastructure (in the form of village e-centres) is required for the e-commerce and then is able to provide additional services and income through digitizing information on local government, school and training.

The 3 MAIN programs of operation are:
The Computer literacy program, the online rural market & the Country network portal. Computer Literacy Program for Rural Development GENERATING EMPLOYMENT is one of the targets of this project in the rural areas. By establishing training center we can then shape the local youth and women to build skilled labors according to our need. Thus FSB ventures have a direct impact on reducing unemployment by creating opportunities and healthy competition among around its establishment the system emphasizes on creating employment opportunities especially for women. LOCAL EMPLOYMENT E-CENTER MANAGEMENT STAFF Through the skill development program of OCT Training for rural development) the deserving students and women are employed by the company at the e-center and also for running various other development initiatives. individuals in rural area will be employed by each e-centre. There are no genders hierarchies present during recruitment. In the fact the e-centre employs 3 women and 4 men. It means once 64 e-centre’s achieved there would be 448-576 employees as total. A crash course training is provided free of cost to new employees. Then the staffs of the e-centre are responsible for providing ICT training to the local villages at a subsidized rate. Women are given free IT training; the centre trains 25 individuals’ women per batch. The e-center management staff gives high professional ICT Training that emphasis mainly on e-commerce management which leads the curriculum to basic computer literacy, internet, data management, data entry, order management, money settlement, quality contra delivery and packaging. This therriculum is taught to the local women entrepreneurs so that fi; in future .The manage their own e-shop of “My country My Village” In future. The training is equivalent to secondary education and even to high studies which is especially important for Women empowerment. The center also acts as an information hub in the rural areas, where valuable information can be provided to the local.
Contribution on the sector
• Direct Market Access through e-commerce g
• Removing the middleman giving the fair price t,
• Market Excess for under privileged rural women.
• Employment Generation , especially for rural women al
• Breaking the technology divide between rural and urban el Result achieved till now
• 5500 entrepreneurs has been enlisted is
• 84000 local community people are served from 7centers. its
• 834 above students being trained.

Awards won so far
• National Digital Innovation Award on e-commerce, Business and Finance in 2010.The only company in Bangladesh among the Private sector for the project “Amar Desh Amar Desh Amar Gram”. • 6th -8th July 2011 Digital Innovation Fair Organized by Government the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA)
• 12th November 2011 United Nation MDGs Goal won the award from e-asia
• 2nd December 2011 on the category of best business model and localized application /content from the South Asia for th project of “Amar Desh Amar Gram” Amar desheshop. Mosaic International Summit 2011
• 15th-24th November 2011 Location: Doha, Qatar Young Leadership Training Founded by Prince of Wales Won the Manthan Award, South Asia 2011
http://manthanawant orgisection_full_story.asp?id= I 050 Date: 2nd December 2011 Digital Inclusion for Development in the category of e-business and enterprise Goals —in the Category Power 2 Women! As such, it has been chosen among over 700 contributions as one of the 33 most outstanding examples of creative and innovative e-Content worldwide which address the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is a follow up activity of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) and its action plan towards the year 2015 to help bridge the digital divide and form a sustainable information society. The WSYA selects and promotes best practice in e-content and serves as a platform for young people from all UN member states that use Internet and Mobiles to get Action on the MDGs.So we want to focus on women empowerment of women.

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