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Ankhi Alamgir, a well known and accomplished singer in Bangladesh, got popularity at a very early age. Born at Dhaka, Ankhi started singing at the age of three. She was one of the pioneers to start the trend of music videos in Bangladesh. She sang more than 3000 songs, travelled 25+ countries and performed at more than 50 shows.

Ankhi Alamgir began her musical career as a playback singer. She made her debut in music industry by singing in the movie ‘Bidrohi Bodu’ only during the study of class twelve. Ankhi’s first music album ‘Prothom Koli’ was released in 1997. Following this year her most popular album ‘Bisher Kata’ was released. By releasing this album she came to the limelight in the musical industry. After this she became the heartthrob in the country and made lots of playback songs within short time.

Ankhi took classical music lesson from Ustad Akhter Sadmani and later strengthened her skills by taking lesson from Ustad Sanjiv Dey. Though she started her career as a playback singer, she is mostly busy with doing stage shows all around the world because of her malodious voice. She has done countless shows in her lifetime, earned fame and made millions of fans. She has released 18 solo albums and 45 mixed albums. Till now Ankhi sang more than 3,000 songs, did more than 50 shows in 25+ countries. About 20 lac audience attended her shows till date.

In her musical career Ankhi has produced many super hit songs. “Bondhu amar roshia”, “Jol pore pata norey”, “Piriti bisher kata”, “Babuji” and “Boka mon” are few among many of her super hit songs. Ankhi is one of the busiest stage show artist and playback singer and considered a fashion icon amongst the young generation.

Ankhi Alamgir is the eldest daughter of the legendary actor Alamgir and renowned poet Khoshnur Begum. Inspired by her father Ankhi took part as a child artist in the movie “Bhaat dey”. For this challenging role Ankhi won the National Award as the best child artist (Jatiyo Cholochitro Puroshkar). Despite the fame Ankhi didn’t continue as an actor as she finds her passion in music.

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