Outstanding Contribution
in Political Affairs

Rasheq Rahman was born on June 16, 1977. He comes from a family that has a strong political background however, Rasheq never used the name and fame of his father H N Ashequr Rahman to his advantage. Rasheq along with two of his best friends embarked on an exciting journey to establish the intellectual property rights about 4 years ago. This process of unification turned into a movement to establish intellectual property right/ copyright in the Bangladesh music industry.

Rasheq started his political career at a very young age. Despite of being a son of a State Minister, he started his political career from Union level and moved up to as high as the central sub-committee level. He was the Joint Secretary of Upozilla Committee, Mithapukur, Rangpur. Later he became a member of the District Committee of Rangpur Awami League and then became the Assistant Secretary of Central Sub-Committee of Bangladesh Awami League.

Rasheq is well-known in his community for his great public speaking skills. In past one year he has appeared in more than 150 talk-shows on different TV channels, attended more than 100 public meetings as a keynote speaker. Rasheq is also a debater. During his university period 1998-99 he was the best debater(in English) of East West University. He was also the best debater(in Bangla) while he was at North South University during 2000-2001.

In addition to his profound political career Rasheq Rahman is an accomplished businessman. He is one of the sponsor of a private commercial bank under the license of Bangladesh Bank. He is also the Managing Partner and CEO of Software Solutions and Logistics Enterpise that provides value added services to almost all telecom companies in Bangladesh. Besides, he is also a Director of Bangladesh Consortium Ltd, a construction company engaged in local and international construction work.

Despite being such a busy person Rasheq Rahman still makes time to do social activities. He is a member of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Rangpur Chapter and also Chief Coordinator of “Computer for All” of Rangpur.

Rasheq has a passion for music. He released two albums so far where he wrote his own lyrics and did composition of his own. The title of the two albums are “Amaar Upashonaloy- Bangladesh” and “Taarunnyar Ohonkar”. Rasheq is also a writer. He wrote the first multimedia interactive book called “Pronoyer Rajneeti” on socio-political context of Bangladesh.

Rasheq has two years of extensive experience on research works. He was a Research Assistant in the Institute of Development Environment and Strategic Studies (IDESS). He was involved in publishing of three international journals which includes: i) Empirics on the crash of Dhaka Stock Exchange in 1998, in Journal published by Dr. Monzur Alam, ii)A Study on Social costs and other Economic impact of 2 Stroke engines in urban areas-1998–published by Dr. Monzur Alam. He has also worked as an Assistant under Dr. Enamul Haque for SANEI (South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes) from January, 2001 to December, 2002. This Project basically assessed diminishing marginal productivity of factors in Sundarban (Mangrove Forest) in India and Bangladesh. He was one of the research representatives in Bangladesh Chapter.

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