Mr. Imran Karim

Outstanding Contribution
in Entrepreneurial Accomplishment

Leadership, Respect, Cooperation, Integrity and Innovation, all these 5 values are the main driving force of Mr. Imran Karim, a visionary entrepreneur who would like to see Confidence Group among the top 3 most valued and revered socially and environmentally compliant conglomerates in Bangladesh where each of the brands under this Group has to be the most respected in its target market sphere not only in Bangladesh but across the globe. He is currently holding the position of Group Managing Director of Confidence Group.

Mr. Imran Karim started his career as a Director of Confidence Cement Limited in 2003 with experience in Marketing & Production Planning of Cement, Steel & Concrete products. To develop the industrial skill and for better conducting the business he has acquired vast knowledge and experience through short term training and factory visit in China, Malaysia, UK and India through business development program. Confidence Group has seen a tremendous growth in terms of business and revenue after he joined with the company. Under his leadership as Group Managing Director of Confidence Group, the company has moved towards a value driven organization and become one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh, involved in the manufacturing of mid-tech engineering products for both domestic and international market.

Confidence Group has for years been a pioneer and leader of quality and innovation in the engineering industry in Bangladesh. It is one of the few conglomerates in the country that takes pride in producing a wide range of engineering products such as galvanized telescopic poles, pole fittings, cement, paint, batteries, steel bridges etc. Currently, this group is constantly evolving and expanding, not only in the domestic Bangladeshi market but throughout Asia. At present, Confidence Group consists of several companies such as:

• Confidence Cement Limited
• Confidence Steel Limited
• Confidence Steel Export Limited
• Confidence Power Limited
• Confidence Electric Limited
• Electropac Industries Limited
• Energypac Confidence Power Venture Limited
• Digicon Telecommunication Limited
• Asian Paints Bangladesh Limited
• Confidence Concrete Engineering Limited

Mr. Karim has completed Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering (2003) with honors and Bachelor of Arts in Economics (2003) with honors from University of Rochester, NY. He completed his HSC from Notre Dame College and SSC from St. Joseph High School. He is a life member of St. Joseph old boys’ foundation and currently holding an EC member position.

He’s a permanent member of Army Golf Club, Chittagong Boat Club etc.

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