Mr. Shamim Kabir

Outstanding Contribution
in Personal Accomplishment

Mr. Shamim Kabir is from a typical business family – his grandfather was a pioneer in the luggage and travel goods industry of Bangladesh, and his father, Mr. Abdus Sattar, is the joint founder of the Baly Group of Industries, which reached the peak of its fame through production and marketing of BalyKeds in the early 1990s. Mr. Shamim Kabir currently is the Managing Director of Step Footwear.

Mr. Shamim Kabir’s exposure to business and industry started at quite a young age. While still a student of undergraduate studies, he possessed a keen interest in root level manufacturing businesses, and in 1998 started introducing a few important components of the footwear industry, including industrial adhesive Nan-Pao,and focusing on the ground level and working in traditional mass production localities.He subsequentlytrainedthese workers and businesses on how to minimize health hazards and maximize product quality while using any adhesive. Eventually, Mr. Kabir expanded his efforts to bigger and more renowned factories.

In 2002, after his graduation, Mr. Shamim Kabir moved to China to help his father expand the family business by creating the first luggage factory from Bangladesh in Jiangmen, China. He spent 4 years to set up the factory and established business with multiple international brands, who ultimately exported the products all over the world. Subsequently, Mr. Kabir created another luggage factory, this time in Bangladesh, which also caters to those international brands.

After returning to Bangladesh, Mr. Shamim Kabir gradually, began to visualize further scopes of development of our footwear industry, and in 2010, proactively set up ‘Step Shoe Last and Accessories Co. Ltd.’, the first plastic shoe last manufacturing company of Bangladesh, to cater to all footwear factories based in Bangladesh, which before that had to import all of their shoe lasts from China, India, or Italy. As of this date, Step Shoe Last caters to almost 90% of these factories, who now enjoys international shoe last quality from a local source.

Mr. Shamim Kabir ultimately went back to his family roots and created‘Step Footwear’, a new brand of footwear in Bangladesh. After a few years of in-depth planning, visualizing, sourcing and further studying the market, in 2014, he finally launched Step Footwear through just a couple of Outlets,and aided by only a handful of fresh, young employees with hunger for success.

Step is far from a typical footwear brand – it neither creates luxury products for the privileged few of our society, and nor does it operate through the traditional means of distribution and marketing. Mr. Shamim Kabir’s vision is to create Step into the premier brand of comfortable footwear in Bangladesh and his mission is to ensure that any potential consumer can simply walk up to their nearest marketplace and pick up a pair of stylish yet highly comfortable shoes without hesitating about its price. Thus, for Step Footwear, the most significant criterion for success include product availability in close residential proximities, producing highly comfortable and modern styles for the consumer, and an affordable price range which can encourage the mass population to enjoy its comfort.
As of now, in only 2 years of operations, Step Footwear has expanded itself into over 250 counters and 6 own retail stores.In addition, the company has also been exporting steadily to Singapore and USA.

One of the cornerstones of the values at Step Footwear is enhancing social awareness and development. The company has integrated social responsibilities into its own foundation and holds programs to support education and healthcare for the poor and the needy. In the last 2 years, Step Footwear, in association with Step Shoe Last, held an eye camp where financially challenged patients received free treatment and an underprivileged student school event including both financial and non-financial donation.

The whole operations of Step Footwear, all its innovations, and socioeconomically balanced approach are carried out by a team of employees with an average age lower than thirty. This same team manages and takes care of the tasks for the whole group of companies including Step Shoe Last and Grebond International. Whatever the success of the group, the team work of this young group of employees is to be credited. They are backed up and nurtured by only a few experienced managers; driven and motivated by the directions of Mr. Shamim Kabir.

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