Outstanding Contribution
in Medical Innovation

S M Saifur Rahman is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with wealth of experience in project management. He is a Chemical Engineer by qualification, having a very strong background in scientific research of chemicals technology. He has completed both his Bachelor & Master degree from the University of Rochester, USA; where he was enlisted in the Dean of Engineering School’s honor list for outstanding academic achievements. He has also been awarded several times for his accomplishments including the prestigious Forbes Young Entrepreneur Award 2001. He has over a decade of experience in the chemical industry, which combined with his strong academic background and sharp entrepreneurial characteristics that has allowed him to develop a unique and comprehensive set of skills and an analytical business mind.

A Chemical Engineer by qualification and training, Mr. Saifur Rahman has launched AFC Group and provided pace to its growth momentum by dedication, creativity and the foresightedness of his vision. He is the Managing Director and key visionary founder of Active Fine Chemicals Limited, AFC Health Limited & Intelligent Design and Dynamics Limited. He has a very strong background in scientific research in chemicals technology and holds the position of Chief Scientist at Active Fine Chemicals Limited. Active Fine Chemicals Limited, till date is the largest in API Manufacturer.

S M Saifur Rahman was born in a reputed business family in the year 1979, who went on to complete his Bachelor & Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester, USA in the year 2000 & 2001 respectively. He was enlisted in the Dean of Engineering School’s honor list for his outstanding academic achievements and also won the 2001 prestigious Forbes Young Entrepreneur award for his high-tech business proposal on futuristic drug discovery system.

During his tenure as a PhD Candidate at University of Rochester, S M Saifur Rahman engaged in a collaborative research program with Merck Pharmaceuticals as a Process Development Scientist. The program provided him with the opportunity to gain hands on experience in running and maintaining complex API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturing unit. Moreover, S M Saifur Rahman also published many research articles in scientific journals during his academic period at University of Rochester.

Besides his wealth of academic and technical knowledge in his field of expertise, S M Saifur Rahman has a unique and analytical business mind.

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